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Sustainable Movements

Hui-Liang Industrial Co., Ltd is committed to developing all kinds of environmentally friendly textiles and packages. Many years ago our company was planning non-solvent lamination in China that was our beginning to do something good for our place. We care about the environment and continues striving to reduce complicated production processes and the overuse of resources.  We divide our green products into three dimensions – yarns, adding functional values and multi-layer protection.  


RRR products

  • Recycle Fibers- Recycle PET, Nylon or CD yarns.  

Woven: 75D~1680D

Knit: Jersey/Interlock/Jacquard/ Lycra/ Space Mesh/Mesh..etc

  • PP Yarn (Polypropylene):
    • Consume the least energy and water during production.
    • Excellent fade resistant
    • No emits toxic gas
    • Degrade naturally



  1. Light and warm
  2. Antibacterial and deodorizing
  3. Quick dry


Article #: HL20IT0024

  • Biodegradable Fiber- an effective way of reducing the impact textiles have on the environment. The common natural fibres are polylactic acid (PLA), bamboo, Tencel ® SUN and soybean protein fibres (SPF) and seaweed fibres and so on.


  • Bio base chemical treatment
    • Anti-bacterial: Ceravida Fresh
      1. 100% Natural based anti-odor treatment that adsorbs odorous elements and decomposes them. It is composed of mineral, ceramic and biopolymer-binders without the use of chemicals, metals and synthetic binders, which as non-leaching technology. Great washing
      2. Certificated: Reach /Oeko-tex ( Cited: Greenchem) durability.

  • Anti-bacterial: Biome Natural
    1. 100% Natural, renewable ingredient. Deribed from Linseed, Plant-based, metal-free, non-migration technology.
    2. Certificated: BPR/Reach/EPA


  • Multi-layers protections
  1. Recycle PET membrane:
    • Poly top fabric with recycled PET membrane and poly backer. This package can be recycled easily and re-produce the products.
    • The features of Recycled PET is the same as the standard membrane. It can be waterproof, windproof and water vapour permeability.
  2. Coverskin Polyurethane Film is very soft ad lightweight. Excellent waterproof and windproof. The material is non-toxic base and no emission of harmful air under productions.  Outstanding stretch and easy care can make the cloth packable. Below picture is shown one of wearing applications with this material.


  • A base fabric can change to 300D woven, canvas or others to reinforce strong and anti-abrasion. 
  • Adding extra functions by infusing chemicals such as water repellence, anti-bacterial and anti-odour.

Sheet Extruction

  • Recycle PE: We recycle our production wastes to re-produce PE masterbatch and make recycled PE sheet for hockey skating shoes and other protection applications.